Sunday, 19 April 2015

Crochet Update

Sorry I've been missing, but we have just spent our first time in Vinnievan  (our caravan).  The weather was a mixture of cold/freezing out of the sun but lovely in the sun.  Saturday morning, when I opened the curtains there was a covering  of frost and it was bitter cold, but the sun came out and it quickly disappeared.

There was lots of crochet time.

I started my rainbow blanket here and  here,  and have finished using Blue.  Six various shades of blue, 5 round squares with  a different coloured centre,  giving me 36 squares in total, and  I have already made a start using Pink.

I love my first walk around the caravan park taking in any changes, noticing  that the trees and flowers are beginning to show signs of growth, but what caught my eye was the colourful dispaly  of daffodils, they looked stunning in their little groups,  proudly waving their heads in the wind, such a joy to see.

I love this photo as the centre of the flower has not as yet opened.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that on our next visit the Magnolia buds on the trees have opened.

As much as I love our time in Vinnievan, I always look forward to coming home to my own bed.

Over the next few days I will be round visiting your blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me,  your comments are always welcome.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Five on Friday

Sorry I've been missing for a few days, I hope to be back to normal next week.

I've managed a post today and  joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home with her Five on Friday.  Here are five photos taken this week whilst out and about.

Sunrise -  The beauty of the sea

 Taken on the same day, The Beast of the sea

Sunrise - The golden glow from the sun

Update:  Bellis Daisy (Pompomnette)
Thank You Cathy and Carole

Flowers from when I walked in the Park

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Monday, 6 April 2015

The tale of a patchwork cushion

Hello Everyone

I would like to say Hello to Ardyth my latest Friend.  Thank you Ardyth for following my little blog.

I don't like Work In Progress projects, I prefer to make one projet at a time before anything new.  But, in March of last year, yes over one year ago, (hangs head in shame)  I started a patchwork cushion.

and it's sort of stayed this way,  I'd not forgot about it but somehow other things took over, blankets, cards, cross stitching anything but patchwork.  Yes, I took it out of the bag,  had a little look, added another hexie or two then put it away, that is until a few days ago when I was determined it would be finished.

Drum role please - yes the finished front, ready for backing

And, I intend to finish it this week.

So just over a year later my little cushion will be finished - fingers crossed LoL.

Do you have any long standing projects just waiting to be finished ???

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, your comments are always welcome.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

A little update

An Easter Daffodil 

It's been a lovely dry day and I've managed two loads of washing.  It's in a basket not too far from where I am sitting and I can smell freshly, clean launded washing.  I'm not thinking of ironing  as yet,  just enjoying the lovely fresh smell. 

A little update on where I am with my blanket or Rainbow Blanket  using  odd balls/colours  of yarn.   I've estimated I need  162  5 round squares to get a blanket this size

These are  blues I am using  Aster, Cloud Blue and Sherbert
Stylecraft Special DK

With centre colours of 
 Sweet Lilac, Peppermint,  Petal Pink , Sky Blue, and Lemon 
Stylecraft Wondersoft Baby DK

I've decided to crochet with one  main colour at a time.

Here are my first  5 round squares with Lemon centres

When I've finished using blue and the different coloured centres, I am  doing the  same with the other main colours and when finished I should have l62 squares.  Well that's my plan,  so fingers crossed.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter week end.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me,  your comments are always welcome.


Friday, 3 April 2015

Cushion Ta Dah

Hello Everyone

Yes, at last my latest cross stitch cushion is finished.  Yesterday,  T and I were out and about so we called into a factory unit  I know sells fabric, and  yes, I purchased a green  fat quarter of fabric for £1.72.

Fabric: Aida 14 count Antique White
Design:  Little House Needleworks - Kindness  Cushion
Threads:  DMC as per  pattern
Size:  The cross stitch patten measures approximately 4 1/2" square
Filled with:  Multi Purpose Washable Polyester
Bits & Bobs:  Lace, Button.

I made it  the same as  here,  but backed both front and back with iron on vilene before making up.  The back of my cushion is all green fabric.

Here they are on a shelf in my Snug

I am entering my  Kindness cushion into the following challange:-
Craft Your Passion - Anything Goes
Pixies Snippets -  Snippets

There are twelve Little Sheep Virtue designs in the set, Kindness is number 10.  My next cross stitch projets are to make cushions showing  Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - the four seasons.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, your comments are always welcome.


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